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Only 16% of all the web pages submitted for registration to the engines are actually indexed.

Search Engine Placement is your best hope to suceed. 96% of all web sites that do get indexed are listed outside of the top two pages of search results.
Website Ranking is getting harder and harder everyday.

Website Ranking Is Our Business

We have been in business since 1995 and are very experienced. No matter what your website consists of we can help. We have successfully generated tons of traffic in the following areas: E-Commercence shopping cart, Cold Fusion, JSP, ASP, Miva, Linx, Unix, Windows, Front Page, Dreamweaver and basic HTML.

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There was a big change in Yahoo on 10/10/02. For years, Yahoo's $299 Directory Listings came up first in the search results. These were Yahoo's own Human-Powered listings, called "Web Site Matches". Google results were also available, but the user was forced to make a further click on "Web Page Matches".

ON 10/10/02, Yahoo Directory Listings are no longer the default! As of today the $299 Directory Listings will be mixed in combination with Google results, called "Web Matches". Many people who have excellent ranking in the Yahoo Directory are very disappointed with this change in Yahoo search results.

Search Engine Placement, Website Ranking & Web Promotion Marketing!
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We stand behind our Search Engine placement service 100%.
We give you results or you get a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Search Engine Placement, Website Ranking, Web Promotion Marketing. How would you like to be ranked in the TOP 10 on the Search Engines? Think about how much that can do for your business. Getting your site to be listed in the top 10 for any "keyword phrases" in the search engines is one of the hardest thing to do. If your not in the top 10 of that phrase, then you at least what to be on the first page! We have delivered hundreds of top ten positions, and we guarantee that you will see concrete results.

Our search engine marketing services will bring more traffic to your site than any free submission company. We are NOT a submission company! What we do is target Keyword Phrases marketed to your website. Traffic generates leads and leads increases sales month after month.

Doing Business Online Is Where You Need To Be!

Search Engine Placement, Website Ranking &Web Promtion Marketing is one of the keys to your sucess. Statistics says that over 55% of all Internet purchases begin with a search engine. 93% of these consumers do not look past the first two pages of search results! If you are not listed in the first two pages, then you may as well not be there at all.

If your website is not listed in the first two pages for your main keyword phrases? What is the Point Of Having An "Invisible" Website?

Search Engine Placement is the most important thing for you on the web! This will help you increase traffic, which will hopefully turn into sales. Your position on the first page of a search is absolutely critical to your success.

Internet purchases in the U.S. has increased at a compound rate of 26 percent per year. Researchers say that, e-commerce is moving so quickly that it's hard to gather any lasting statistics. If you own a commercial website, you need to be found! Your Website Ranking can be the difference between sucess and failure. We will make it easy for you.

Go Straight To The Top Of The Search Engines!

We can help you Building a solid foundation for e-business, right now. Start your web promotion now, you are not too late. There is still time to market your services and goods. You just need to be smart with your Website marketing plans. It all starts right here. We will give you a basic guideline of what you need to do.

You need to have a product or service to offer.
You need a attractive looking website filled with themed based content.
You will need to be competitive on your pricing.
You will need a way to communicate with your customers.
You will need to be found or have traffic to your site!

Optimized Website Templates. Do it yourself for half the price!

Now you can even do it yourself with our new Optimied Web Templates. Click here if you want to know more about Optimized Website Template.

Web Design Work

We will design your website even if you don't want to do any Search Engine Optimization. Our website design services start at $350. We can design a logo, a template,

The Internet is huge and more and more it will take serious cutting-edge search engine optimization to dominate your competition. Generating the sales you need is not as simple as creating the best looking website out there. It will certainly help, but you will need the traffic or unique visitors. Start your Web Promotion right now! Call 415-821-4511.


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