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Only 16% of all the web pages submitted for registration to the engines are actually indexed.

Search Engine Placement is your best hope to suceed. 96% of all web sites that do get indexed are listed outside of the top two pages of search results.
Website Ranking is getting harder and harder everyday.

Website Ranking Is Our Business

We have been in business since 1995 and are very experienced. No matter what your website consists of we can help. We have successfully generated tons of traffic in the following areas: E-Commercence shopping cart, Cold Fusion, JSP, ASP, Miva, Linx, Unix, Windows, Front Page, Dreamweaver and basic HTML.

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There was a big change in Yahoo on 10/10/02. For years, Yahoo's $299 Directory Listings came up first in the search results. These were Yahoo's own Human-Powered listings, called "Web Site Matches". Google results were also available, but the user was forced to make a further click on "Web Page Matches".

ON 10/10/02, Yahoo Directory Listings are no longer the default! As of today the $299 Directory Listings will be mixed in combination with Google results, called "Web Matches". Many people who have excellent ranking in the Yahoo Directory are very disappointed with this change in Yahoo search results.

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State-of-the-art webased promotion. web templates. Fast and set up. Start today! Read more about web templates: Some searching engines pretend to be "plain mozilla" browsers to prevent use of agent name delivery. Pages view used in siting statistics as a measure of pages viewed rather than server hits. Robot will not guarantee that the siting is placed in the proper category can even hinder the optimum placed of a . Sniffer the name of the filter program used by the infoseek searching engines to prevent spamdexing.

Distribution:Searching engines,directories pay-for-placed providers enter deals with portals other webmaster sites to distribute their searching results to those sites. To request a reach report for your webmaster ,click here. Meta searching engines a server which passes queries to many searching engines / directories then summarises all the results. Some browsers however do not support java,so ssi can come in handy.

Increasing hits by placing top listings, an optimally positioned publicity rank. You can see some great color tables at designing guru lynda weinman bookmark these classic reference pages then come back to picosearch! The promoting mix includes advertised direct marketed sales promoting, publicity for public relations, personal sales.

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Index:The searchable catalog of documents created by searching engines . Searching engines offer links to webmaster sites in the world wide . The optimal description heading, important tips. If you see a good corporate, bookmark it as a link stored in your browser.

Url-this is the exact address where a given siting may be accessed the . The fast first-mover advantage is sometimes insurmountable advantage gained by the first significant company to move into a new market.

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